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the worlds of wine and art collide

In the English Cambridge dictionary, the word ‘collaboration’ means ‘the act of working with others to create or achieve something’. We were thrilled to discover that two New Zealand organic wineries have recently collaborated with world renowned New Zealand artists, taking the art of wine to the next level. Job well done Huia Vineyards & Greystone Wines!

Located on the 'Golden Mile' in the heart of Marlborough, Huia Vineyards is a family owned biodynamic winery established in the early 90s. Huia is handcrafted by co-owners and winemakers Claire and Micheal Allan.

Huia and Kate Sylvester’s relationship isn’t new but a label collaboration is the first of its kind. “We are thrilled to work on this project with our long-time friends and collaborators Claire and Mike and celebrate our partnership and this very exciting new collection,” says Kate Sylvester.

In March 2018, Kate and her husband visited Te Papa Tongarewa in Wellington and received a personal guided tour through the Te Papa art archives. During the tour, the curator unveiled a series of textile designs developed by Frances Hodgkins in the 1920s. Kate was so inspired with the designs she has built an entire collection called ‘Frances’ around the beautiful pieces. The collaboration with Huia Vineyards is the first teaser from the stunning collection which will be released in January 2019.

Huia is renowned for their méthode traditionnelle Blanc de Blancs but last month they released their first sparkling rosé. The bottle’s label features imagery from the Kate Sylvester collection, and complements the beauty of their new release. “The combination of our first ever Huia sparkling rosé bottle being dressed by Kate Sylvester in a stunning modernist label inspired by another iconic New Zealand woman’s artwork is simply serendipitous,” says Claire Allan.

Huia Vineyard & Kate Sylvester's beautiful sparkling rosé

Greystone Wines has collaborated with artist Judy Millar and the Christchurch Art Gallery on a limited edition art-wine series. Judy is a New Zealand artist who has had a number of extremely successful solo and group exhibitions across New Zealand and Europe. Her career began in the 80’s and she has received critical acclaim in the international press from early days.

Greystone’s story began in 2000 when the Thomas Family purchased a farm on the Omihi hills in North Canterbury and began work to create the Greystone vineyard. In early 2014 they began their conversion from conventional to organic viticulture and two years later they were named Vineyard of the Year at the New Zealand Organic Wine Awards.

Arguably, Greystone is best known today for their Pinot Noirs and exciting in the vineyard ferments. Winemaker Dom Maxwell was recognised for his efforts recently, receiving the coveted 'NZ Winemaker of the Year' award from Gourmet Traveller Wine magazine.

The partnership between Greystone, Judy Millar and Christchurch Art Gallery is a wonderful achievement. Just 1111 bottles of each wine have been labelled and all proceeds will go towards making creative, ambitious artist projects with the Christchurch Art Gallery. “We’re firm believers that making wine is a lot like making art. Like art, wine is a creative expression based on decisions. It just so happens that the decisions our artist makes determines what ends up in a glass” says Nick Gill, General Manager of Greystone Wines.

Greystone & Judy Millar's stunning collection.


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