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Organic Winegrowers New Zealand (OWNZ) is a grower-led organisation dedicated to supporting organic winegrowing. Our members are passionate about sharing their love of organic and biodynamic wine.


We share New Zealand organic and biodynamically grown wines with the world, and engage in research, education and networking to help growers thrive organically.


Organic wine production is strong in New Zealand. Currently over 10% of New Zealand wineries hold organic certification, including many of the country's most respected and awarded wine producers.




Organic growers aim to produce wines that are true to the earth, and to take care of the land we all share. No synthetic chemical fertilisers, pesticides, or herbicides are used. Instead, organic producers are careful cocreators with nature. We build healthy vines by building healthy soils, and by nurturing a diverse, rich community of plants, soil, insects and microorganisms.

Organic wines are made using only natural products; no synthetic chemical additives are permitted.

Click here to view a slideshow of our members' organic vineyard practices

Some of our favourite reasons to drink organic:

  • Know what you're consuming.  Organic wines are produced with the support of natural and biological products only. No synthetic chemicals here.

  • Savour each drop.  Organic growers work to grow the healthiest possible grapevines. The result: flavourful wines, a true expression of the land. Great wines shine with a sense of place.

  • Revel in protecting our landscapes.  The many ecological benefits of organic practices include healthy soils, healthy waterways, biodiversity, and a safe place for bees and other beneficial insects.

  • Support vineyard worker health.  The use of natural products throughout production provides a safe and happy work environment for hard-working staff.

  • Collaborate for a more stable climate.  Organic farms don't use fossil fuel-based fertilisers. They also store more carbon in soils, doing our part to counteract climate change. 


Biodynamic growers follow the same standard practices as all organic growers. On top of those practices, biodynamic growers use special plant, animal and mineral preparations, and work closely with the rhythmic influences of the sun, moon and planets to maximise the natural potency of their land.



Integrity is important to us. OWNZ only promotes wines from independently certified organic and biodynamic growers. Every certified producer goes through an annual audit to make sure their practices meet strict standards. Growers must follow organic methods for three years before attaining full certification.


In New Zealand, BioGro and AsureQuality provide internationally recognised organic certification. Biodynamic producers in New Zealand are certified by Demeter New Zealand.






Photo courtesy of Felton Road

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