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Organic & Biodynamic Winegrowing Conference
20 - 22 June, 2023

“A brilliant get-together where people, land and wine all get to speak. It’s about unlocking New Zealand wine’s true potential.”

John Saker, wine writer & author


OWNZ is excited to bring the Organic & Biodynamic Winegrowing Conference back after a couple of years of Covid delays!


Themes for the conference will build upon three key pillars CREATE | CARE | CONNECT.


The conference will CREATE conversation around new research, different growing systems and improved technology.


It will promote the CARE for our land and environment by providing practical ways of protecting and enhancing our soil, water and plant resources.


And it will CONNECT people back to their land, history, culture, and to other growers around them, forming the same symbiotic relationships our plants, soil, fungi and bacteria have.


Held at the Marlborough Events Centre 20-22 June 2023.


More information to come in January 2023 on the conference website.



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