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introducing the organic wine bar

January plays host to New Zealand Winegrowers annual EU & UK based 'NZ in a glass' tastings. This year it incorporated trade tastings in three major cities; London, Copenhagen and Dublin (who also hosted a consumer tasting).

OWNZ was delighted to increase their presence at these events as NZ Winegrowers continue to recognise the importance and calibre of our industry sector. Key refinements included clearly identifying all certified organic wines within the event programmes and new app in addition to applying our 'O' icon sticker to all bottles at their individual tasting counters. This provided clarity to all visitors and highlighted NZ's commitment to producing premium organic wine.

Sarah Booker, OWNZ's UK & EU Marketing Manager, attended the London based event and proudly launched our Organic Wine Bar. This bar was an appreciated and well attended point of difference within the tasting event. It provided a social forum for guests to taste member wine and reflect on the importance of organic grape growing and regenerative agriculture.

We look forward to incorporating the Organic Wine Bar into more of NZ Winegrowers' events and are currently discussing opportunities with other key markets. Watch this space!

The Organic Wine Bar

New Zealand in a Glass London: Notes from Sarah Booker

The biggest of the three 'NZ in a Glass' tastings, the OXO Tower in London hosted over 200 trade and media from across the United Kingdom. Wines were predominantly new releases but also incorporated some older vintages. This demonstrated the age-ability of our wines alongside the excellent 2019 vintage. 13 certified organic member wineries attended this event with over 30 organic wines poured.

New initiative, the ORGANIC WINE BAR, was launched by OWNZ to increase awareness for and educate guests on NZ's organic wine sector. It was a space designed exclusively for us and offered a social hub for guests to mingle and exchange views on all things organic and biodynamic. The bar was a late addition to the event but we managed to collaborate with three members (Walnut Block, Loveblock and Stonecroft), and presented a small but excellent mix of wine styles, regions and philosophies.

The reception for the Organic Wine Bar was overwhelmingly positive as it provided guests with a relaxed visit environment whilst sharing insights into organic wine producing between tastes. It was definitely an added point of interest to the 'NZ in a Glass' event and revealed another (critical) layer to the NZ wine story. People from all areas of the trade and retail sectors took advantage of our bar as sustainability continues to be on everyone’s mind.

At the Organic Wine Bar all subjects were discussed, from the state of the environment, farming alternatives, thru to the effect of organic practices on flavour and quality. In the past the UK market have been slightly resistant to organic wine, mainly due to the price point and importing and shipping issues. However, we saw a marked difference to the opinion of key distributors and their customers as more and more people want to know what they are putting in their bodies. Consumers are conscientiously choosing products that are produced in a safe environment and are willing to pay "that little bit extra" for their decision.

Did you see the Organic Wine Bar on TVNZ?

Here is the link to view TV1's news report, it's just 2 minutes! 'Sustainability a key focus as top New Zealand wine makers showcase their drops in the UK'.

For more information on NZ Winegrowers' NZ in a Glass events click here.


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