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organic wine week 2.0

“Organic Wine Week is our chance to show consumers that organic and biodynamic wine is the best choice, every time,” says Organic Winegrowers marketing and events manager Stephanie McIntyre. “So that’s what we did.” Seven restaurants and 10 retailers were involved in last month’s seven-day programme, with 25 events across New Zealand and the United Kingdom supported by 42 Organic Winegrowers New Zealand (OWNZ) members, as well as promotions and special tastings at cellar doors. 

There is a growing appetite for all things organic. “Consumer awareness is increasing at a rapid rate. We want to know what we are consuming, what we are rubbing on our body, and how the product we choose to spend our money on has impacted the land and the people that work it.”

Until recently there has been a “disconnect”, with many restaurants celebrating organic produce on the plate but neglecting it on their beverage list. “That is rapidly changing and I take great pleasure in calculating the increasing average of organic versus conventional wine on restaurant menus these days.”

Excerpt from Winepress Magazine, interview by editor Sophie Preece.


organic wine week

a snapshot of the OWNZ 2019 events

Culprit - Auckland

Culprit's famous trolly service was enhanced by four winery hosts who personally presented their wines. 10 courses of sheer deliciousness were served across the lively evening.

Fine Wine Delivery - Auckland

This mini wine festival was not mini at all! 10 wineries wowed customers in FWD's flagship store for a full afternoon of FOC tastings - reaffirming that organic is the best choice every time.

Glengarry - Auckland

Showcasing seven wineries, a series of FOC tastings were offered at four Glengarry retail shops. The tastings were well attended and gave consumers insight into how organic practices have the ability to impact wine quality.

Bistronomy - Hawke's Bay

Chef James' prolific understanding and respect for the produce at his doorstep ensured Battle of the Wines was both a delicious and a fun evening. Four wineries put forward two wines each in hopes to win the coveted best pairing accolade.

The Wine Bank - Martinborough

Four wineries of varying organic status co-hosted this tasting event and provided insight to consumers about why organics is important to them. The quality of wine on offer was undeniable and spoke volumes about how organics influences wine style and quality.

Shepherd - Wellington

Chef Shepherd challenged his four winery hosts to choose two wines each to pair to a single course. It proved once again that wine and food pairing rules are meant to be broken... or at least explored!

Regional Wines & Spirits - Wellington

Wine writer and aficionado Joelle Thomson presented two days of FOC organic wine tastings to their Regional customers. Seven wineries were featured with Joelle speaking to the many reasons for choosing to utilise organic practices and the importance of certification.

WineSeeker - Wellington

WineSeeker's FOC tasting provided consumers a chance to taste a selection of organic wine including two international offerings. It reaffirmed why so many wineries are converting to organics... and was the perfect way for passer-by's to finish their work work!

New World Miramar - Wellington

One week of promotions at this impressive New World outlet provided NZ organic wine an ideal platform to showcase their wares. Large banners were hung ensuring consumers took notice and some sharp promotions were also on offer.

Arbour - Blenheim

Always excited to showcase the best and brightest, Arbour hosted two OWW dinners this year, both early sell outs. Each night two wineries shared a selection of wines and a series of 'tall tales' across five beautifully executed courses.

Karaka - Blenheim

Over two days, Sander and his team offered two lunch specials featuring a complimentary glass of organic wine. The dishes were decadent and vibrant with flavour... and highlighted first of the season, Marlborough produce.

Arden - Nelson

Small in footprint, huge in talent. This intimate long lunch was served family style and encouraged conversation amongst guest and winemaker. Three Nelson wineries cohosted and shared insights into the incredible diversity of their small region.

Fresh Choice Richmond - Nelson

Here is a grocer with a commitment to great wine! For a period of one month, Raymond and his team are stocking two massive display areas with impressive signage (image above!) that incorporates a selection of wines from 24 organic certified wineries. The selection is clever and spans all price points and styles. The displays remain until labour day keeping Organic Wine Week active for over one month!

Sherwood - Queenstown

Always thinking outside the box, Sherwood offered a outdoor bbq at their highly acclaimed and 'hatted' restaurant. It featured organic wine straight from the keg and left all guests incredibly satisfied from grilled meat and garden fresh spring veggies.

NZ Wine Masterclass & walk-around tasting - London, UK

A formal seated tasting for invited trade guests was followed by a walk around tasting of 60 plus organic wines. Hosted by three NZ winemakers, guests were provided an in-depth look at NZ's growing organic wine sector. No question was left unanswered!

NZ Cellar - London, UK

Four wineries co-hosted this social tasting event at Mel Brown's famous Brixton Station retailer. Tickets sold out early and provided guests the opportunity to engage direct with the winemakers, tasting and discussing an impressive selection of organic NZ wine. Rumour has it there was a lot of laughter, smiles, and 'clinking' of glassware.

We look forward to seeing you again at Organic Wine Week 2020 - September 17 to 23.


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