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organic wine week | 7 days dedicated to organic wine

Organic Wine Week 2020 is around the corner, offering a window into the growing and vibrant world of New Zealand organic wine. This year’s Organic Wine Week takes place Sept 21-27, centred around the Spring Equinox.

Now in its third year, Organic Wine Week is seven days dedicated to celebrating organic wine and its importance to the New Zealand wine

story, as well as its positive impact on ecosystems and health. It’s a chance for people from all parts of the globe to celebrate and sample New Zealand organic wine together.

“There is a strong appetite for all things organic, and consumer awareness is increasing exponentially. People want to

know what they are consuming, and they want to know the product they are choosing has been made with little to no negative impact on the environment,” says Clive Dougall, chair of Organic Winegrowers New Zealand.

The objectives of Organic Wine Week are simple: to increase awareness for organic wine, to educate customers on why consuming organic is good for them and our land, and to encourage an organic future, in New Zealand and beyond.

Created by Organic Winegrowers New Zealand, for the last two years Organic Wine Week (OWW) has exceeded the expectations of everyone involved, with numerous events selling out. Social media has ignited with restaurants, retailers and consumers alike all joining the celebration.

The 2020 week will be about bringing organic wine to consumers and educating the public and the wine trade about the

benefits of drinking organic – not just for the environment, but in the quality and taste of the final product. There will be numerous tastings around New Zealand and abroad.

Internationally, this year we will be celebrating more in the digital sphere, with

a series of online chats and wine diaries for consumers, trade and media. We will be providing a list of organic wine producers and where to find them, so wine lovers everywhere can stock up on organic wine before the 21st September.

A calendar of activities for both New Zealand and overseas will be released in August on the Organic Winegrowers New Zealand website, as well as regular updates and information on all our social media platforms.

For more information or to be part of the week, please email Sarah Booker |


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