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what are organic winemakers drinking on #sauvblancday?

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

International #sauvblancday has arrived, and many of you are probably thinking: Which Sauvignon Blanc should I drink to celebrate this delicious and iconic grape variety?

Well, to give you some ideas we have asked a few of our organic wine producers to share their favourite Sauvignon Blancs of all time (scroll down for their answers).

We welcome you to take part and tell us your personal favourite by tagging us at #organicwinegrowersnz #sauvblancday so we can all remotely share a delicious glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

photo credit: clos henri vineyards



Adam Hazeldine, Senior Winemaker

What makes the Babich organic Sauvignon Blanc so special?

This succulent wine is full of personality – each sip takes you straight to the vineyard!

What is your favourite ‘other’ Sauvignon Blanc?

Lindauer Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc. It's varietal, fun and a great go-to on a hot day. Good price also!



Rosie Menzies, Winemaker

Favourite Carrick SB? The 2019 Bannockburn.

Favourite ‘other’ Sauvignon Blanc?

Domain Bersan JL & JC, Saint-Bris – mineral, textural and subtle. From Burgundy’s only appellation for Sauvignon Blanc – it brings alive memories from a wonderful harvest in 2008.



Damien Yvos, Winemaker

Favourite Clos Henri Sauvignon Blanc? Opening a bottle of our Clos Henri Sauvignon Blanc and sharing it with customers, the team, family and friends will always be one of my favourite moments. At each sip, I reflect on the incredible journey Clos Henri has been over the last 20 years. We love its purity, finesse and minerality which shows how much Sauvignon Blanc can make wonders when it comes to expressing terroir… delicately.

Favourite ‘other’ Sauvignon Blanc?

We have many favourite Sauvignon Blancs; we just love this variety so much! I would

like to make a special mention of Mahi Wines and its winemaker Brian Bicknell. I always admired his devotion to making fine and elegant Sauvignon Blanc as opposed to bold and opulent. He always knows how to unveil the finesse that Marlborough can offer to Sauvignon.



Jack Weaver, Sales & Marketing

Favourite Churton Sauvignon Blanc?

My favourite of our current Sauvignon Blancs is the 2018. This was a very tough and challenging vintage, but we made one of our best wines of Sauvignon Blanc.



Chris Darling, co-owner & winemaker

What is your favourite Sauvignon Blanc?

Our “Arnst” Sauvignon Blanc is definitely one of our favourites. It is definitely the one we drink at home! Fermented in older oak, this wine has power and finesse. It is unfined and unfiltered leaving only the grapes to speak for themselves. The 2016 vintage was a cracker with almost perfect conditions.



Murray Cook, Winemaker

What is your favourite Sauvignon Blanc?

Section 94 2013, which is drinking perfectly now.

What is your favourite ‘other’ Sauvignon Blanc?

Churton Best End, because of its complexity, balance and elegance.



Hätsch Kalberer, Winemaker

More familiar with the making of red wines, Hätsch Kalberer, winemaker at Fromm, does appreciate a good, dry Sauvignon Blanc that offers a combination of ripe Sauvignon Blanc flavours with underlying minerality and a firm, textural quality on the palate.

Favourite ‘other’ Sauvignon Blanc?

I haven't got a personal favourite but would point to Churton, Folium, Clos Henri, Te Koko 2015 or a mature Section 94 from Dog Point amongst the non-herbaceous local examples that I enjoy drinking.



Dom Maxwell, Winemaker

Why do I love this wine?

Texture and layers. Sauvignon holds ample natural acidity, so when you ferment slowly over eight months on full lees, the texture transforms the wine. We see a clear definition of minerality from our site, but overall it’s so drinkable.

Favourite ‘other’ Sauvignon Blanc?

Manincor from Italy is my favourite international Sauvignon Blanc.



Tamra Washington, Co-owner & Winemaker

Favourite wine

Kelly Washington Sauvignon Blanc 2019

Favourite ‘other’ wine

Chateau Malartic Lagraviere, Bordeaux