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organic wine week 2020 - the highlight reel

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

2020 will go down as a very challenging year for many of us and confronted with all the restrictions and regulations put in place around the world we had to re-think how we would celebrate our annual Organic Wine Week and ensure that our friends and community could still take part and help us spread the organic message.

We embraced the digital world much more than in previous years and were lucky enough to have wonderful partners who understood the importance of organic wine and were willing to pull out all the stops to celebrate with us. Luckily in New Zealand we were still able to hold a few smaller events across the country, giving the public a chance to sip and savour some great examples of organic wine, with the makers.

We have included the list of all the digital tastings from the week and links, so if you didn't get a chance to watch them live, then feel free to sit back with a glass of organic wine and experience some really interesting conversations between wine professionals and organic winegrowers.


organic wine week online tastings and events

During Organic Wine Week, Fine Wine Delivery put together four fantastic offers on renowned organic wines: Rippon, Dog Point, Millton and Te Whare Ra. Customers who purchased any of these offers automatically received a personal invitation to attend an exclusive online tastings over 4 days. Jeff Poole spoke with James Millton, Nick Mills, Ivan Sutherland and Anna Flowerday about their experiences with organic farming and challenges along the way. Please note; if you would like the recordings of this session, please email



Coinciding with the start of #organicwineweek, Glengarry hosted a virtual tasting of @loveblockwine with Erica and Kim Crawford introducing their new Loveblock Tee! Pushing all sorts of boundaries, the Loveblock Tee has no sulphur added, with green tea the only preserving agent. BioGro-certified organic and vegan-friendly, this is a new category – not quite natural, but not conventional either – and all the more exciting for it. Click on the picture to link through to the IGTV chat.



Jamie Goode, wine writer and wine columnist with UK national newspaper The Sunday Express, was joined for three separate conversations with Clive Dougall, OWNZ Chair and co-owner of Deep Down Wines, Claire Mullholland of Burn Cottage and James Millton from Millton Vineyards to discuss organics and biodynamics in New Zealand. Below are the links to those conversations.

Claire Mulholland, Burn Cottage

Clive Dougall, Deep Down

James Millton, Millton Vineyard



Lucky for us, Session Four of the New Zealand Winegrowers webinar diaries also coincided with Organic Wine Week, so this session examines how sustainability, organics, biodynamics and natural wine all come together and their place in the markets.

Click here to watch online NOW.