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a brand new logo for organic winegrowers nz

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

A lot has been happening at OWNZ HQ over the past few months! Running in parallel to all the new initiatives, promotions and events, we have been working with a Marlborough designer to refresh our organisation's branding.

The Organic Winegrowers NZ executive board felt that it was time to design something entirely new that harmonises with the ethos and integrity of our members and truly conveys the message of the organic wine making community - authentic, modern and compelling.

We are lucky enough to have a team of like-minded individuals at OWNZ who all share the same passion and ideas around organic wine-growing and how it should be conveyed to the world, so after a few minor tweaks we have developed an identity which we are all proud of.

We hope you like it!

“At the heart of this rebrand was the need to reflect the principles of organic winegrowers who by working in harmony with the environment produce characterful world-class premium wines. To create a clean and modern brand, which takes its inspiration from nature, I have incorporated a pared back colour palette consisting of vibrant green, symbolising ‘growth’, and deep inky blue, reminiscent of the night sky and the life sustaining force of water. The crescent moon combined with a hand drawn vine illustration eludes to fecundity of the earth. It also creates depth and further communicates the symbiotic relationship between organic wine practices and the environment.”

Megan Boreham - Graphic Designer

Eyecatcher Designs


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