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Horticentre Charitable Trust OWNZ Regenerative Viticulture Tour
featuring Kelly Mulville

Organic Winegrowers NZ is pleased to be partnering with Kelly Mulville from

Paicines Ranch in California to deliver a series of workshops around the country

this winter. Tickets are on sale now! Scroll down to the bottom of this page to choose 
your tickets or visit the Humanitix site here and click on get tickets.


Kelly has pioneered the regenerative viticulture movement in the US with his high wire training system and livestock incorporation into vineyards. This approach aims to move with climate change and reduce the environmental footprint of vineyards by developing innovative viticultural growing systems.

Kelly is at the forefront of organic and regenerative winegrowing. For the past 25 years he has managed, designed and consulted for vineyards, farms and ranches, throughout the USA and internationally. His work focuses on designing and creating agricultural systems and practices that restore ecological health, grow biodiversity, create climate change resilience and increase profitability and beauty.


Four workshops are set to take place from 9am - 5pm. 

Central Otago | Gibbston Valley | 7 June 2024
North Canterbury | Greystone | 10 June 2024
Marlborough | Ūkaipō - the Rangitāne Cultural Centre | 12 June 2024
Hawke’s Bay | Ash Ridge Winery | 14 June 2024 

The content of each workshop will vary slightly depending on the region, discussions that arise, and will be guided by the interests of participants. The programme will include:

  • Basic ecosystem processes and how they are expressed in wine growing. These include water and mineral (nutrient) cycles as well as community dynamics and energy flow.

  • Decision-making that aligns values with ecosystem health and profitability.

  • Creating a context and determining the right tools, practices, and strategies for your context.

  • The important role of grazing animals in vineyard health and profitability; grazing effects in brittle and non-brittle environments.

  • Increasing fruit quality and yield while reducing offsite amendments.

  • Reducing insect pests by increasing biodiversity.

  • Increasing soil water holding capacity and reducing irrigation use.

  • Creating resilience in a changing climate.

  • Vineyard design.

  • High trellis systems that allow grazing at any time of the year.

  • Benefits of summer grazing.

  • How our vineyard grazing/floor management has led to eliminating cover crop seeding.

  • Specific viticultural practices related to our context: fertility strategy, encouraging high beneficial insect and spider populations.

  • Fertility management.

  • The influence of regenerative farming practices on winemaking and wine quality.

  • Monitoring practices.

  • Panel discussion with local growers sharing their experiences.

Each workshop will be full catered with delicious fresh local food. 

You are welcome to bring along a bottle of interesting and/or organic wine to share at the end of the day.

Email: if you have questions about the tour.

A special thanks to Horticentre Charitable Trust and all our sponsors for helping to make this event possible.

Note: Choose your tickets by scrolling within the ticketing frame below or visit the Humanitix site here and click on get tickets.

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